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General Education Websites

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Sites for teachers about teaching or with teaching ideas

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Commercial or Professional Organizations related to teaching



products for interactive classroom

Recall Plus study software

AFT- American Federation of Teachers, a teacher union

NEA- National Education Assocation, a teacher union

PLTW- project lead the way, wants to connect with science and math teachers to promote future engineers

Discovery Channel Education resources

PBS- tons of resources from public broadcasting

AAE Teachers- Association of American Educators

NCREL- North Central Regional Educational Laboratory

REL: Regional Educational Laboratories- research based school reform

Eye on Education- sells books about teaching

Newsweek- Newsweek education program



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Companies that sell technology for hands-on activities or interactive learning

Promethean- not only do they have instant feedback devices, but they have a special white board that interacts with what is being presented. I saw their stuff at a conference and was very impressed. Check out their site!

Smartroom.com- an audience response system to spontaneously quiz your kids and know what they think

Qwizdom- an audience response system to spontaneously quiz your kids and know what they think

There is actually a company called audience response that sells systems

PASCO- probeware

Vernier- data collection technology

Turning Point- audience response systems

Edulaunch- online training on webdesign in high schools


Want to create your own teacher website? Check out these links- some list free places to host your site, others are tools you can use to create a site



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Technology or Multimedia information that focuses on teaching or instruction delivery

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Small Learning Communities, Houses, School-to-Career, Academies, etc.

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