The Challenge of being an Educator

I have lots of opinions about being an educator. Here are many of my opinions and some advice.

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Education: being a teacher

This part of the website is designed to provide information that may be useful to student or newish teachers. The original pages were written by a former science teacher, thus most of the links eminating from this page talk about teaching science. This website is also open for other teachers to share advice and more! If you want to share small comments, please put them on the message board. If you want to share lots of info, then contact the webmaster to request space.

Things to think about anticipating day 1

Things to consider when observing other teachers

Things to have set up before students show up

Things to be sure to cover the first week

Surviving month 1

Preparing for a substitute

General suggestions for classroom management

End of year advice/ideas

Advice from students or other educators (email me your words of advice for teachers)

Links to science teacher and general support websites

My biotech stuff

Chemistry stuff

Pictures of my brain

A small list about cya


Angles this section of the website takes:

The website is hosted by a former science teacher and therefore will naturally cater to science teaching more than other disciplines