Gotta love that belly!  
  waking up  
  hey, what's out there?  
  do you have to use a flash?  
look at that belly!
cheek to cheek
  I love this blanket!  
  If I sleep on this bed, it has to be on this blanket.  I have to have THIS blanket.  
ho hum...
foot and tail
Come here and keep me warm.
Hey, down there!  Whatcha doing?
oozing during a snuggle
  Look!  We swapped spots!  
Oh won't you just leave me alone!

Oh don't leave me!  I'm not leaving you, I'm just heading off for a stroll.

  I wonder what's back here?  
  Breathe deep...  
  I made it out!  
  What about those clean clothes?  Me?  I have no clue where they could be.  
  Ugh, don't make me move, please.  
  Yep, I belong here.  
  MY seat!  
  Where did that mouse go?  
  Is it over there?  
  Maybe it is up here?  
  I must be getting close!  
  Yes I love you.  
  For heaven's sakes, Woman!  Just let me sleep!  
  Oooohh what a stretch!  
  Pike pic 2  
  Just squeezing in  
  Ah, now that is how things should be  
  I found my spot to stretch out.  Yes, this is my spot.  
  Hey who put that there?  Did I say you could put something on MY bed?  
  Ok, these pants are mine.  I'll take them.  They're for me.  
  Nothing like a good snooze  
  snuggling is a good way to spend the dayOh! You are so warm! I'm holding onto you.  
  I've got you, sweetie. I'll take care of you...Yeah yeah, you just want to use me for my heat...So who exactly is the small one?  
  Holding on for dear life!The lazy way to scratch.  I can lay down and sharpen my nails at the same time. And yes, I'm very proud of my belly.  
  Gotta get those nails sharp.You just watch out, I'm getting my nails really sharp.  
  The sharper, the better.Maybe there's stuff in here for me to consume? or just inhale?  
  Is this cat cocaine on the floor? For me?Ah, that's much better. Zoom!  
  hindsight is 20/20 I KNOW that's not catnip on my back. I KNOW my owner would not do that to me.  
  remote control aka cat magnet  
What a yawn! Do I scare you? I'm really an angel.  See me now? Don't I look like an angel?
  Just curious, but what's in there? Anything yummy for me?Just sniffing around...wondering if there is a surprise for me...  
  What's all this *$@% doing in my space?  
  simple gallery of photos